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News online charging goes to ‘stage 2’

September 25, 2009

A MEMO leaked to the Sydney Morning Herald from rival News Ltd, and published today, confirms News Digital Media is moving forward with a charging model for selected internet content.

The report underscores the thrust of an address at a recent PANPA conference by NDM chief executive Richard Freudenstein, who said research indicated readers were prepared to pay.

(To hear Richard’s address, please go here)

This is not a view shared by Mr Freudenstein’s opposite number at Fairfax Digital, Jack Matthews, who was quoted in today’s Herald report as being skeptical that readers would pay to access news.

However, as Mr Freudenstein stressed at the PANPA Future Forum two weeks ago, the prize was gaining revenue for premium content and context-related services, rather than asking for money to read what was in today’s newspaper.

The Herald report quoted Mr Freudenstein as telling staff in a memo: “News has conducted some audience research here in Australia and in the UK and US, which gives us confidence that, if we get the product and delivery system right, people will happily pay for news content online, on their computer, mobile, e-reader or other device.

“Here in Sydney we are about to move into the second phase of the project.”

Two surveys on the charging subject have been released in the past week. A UK-based one asked readers whether they would pay. And not surprisingly, they said they would not. Actually, 95 percent said that.

More interesting research came from the American Press Institute, which had asked executives attending its conferences this year how they would go about charging for online content.

Of the respondents, 49 percent said they would not even try to do this.

The slim majority prepared to execute a charging model said they would use several different payment methods, such as month/quarterly/yearly subscriptions; pay-per-article; day-passes; and time-on-site charging.

Some 43 percent of those who said they would charge believed they would provide a set of alternative buying methods for readers, rather than inisisting on one model.


Newspaper of the Year winners announced!

September 11, 2009

THE winners of the PANPA Newspaper of the Year Awards for 2009 were announced at a gala dinner at Sydney’s Masonic Centre last night.

Click here to download the results

Around 300 newspaper executives gathered to celebrate the industry’s finest work of the past 12 months.

The dinner followed the highly successful Future Forum event, which featured a host of local and international speakers, including the CEOs of the World Association of Newspapers, APN News and Media, and News Digital Media.

Photos from the awards will be featured in a special edition of PANPA’s News Now e-zine, out next Monday. Images are also available on request from PANPA.

The PANPA Bulletin newspaper, due out late this month, will feature a 24-page awards liftout showcasing all the winning entries, photos from the awards night, and full coverage of the Future Forum.

Some presentations will be made available on the PANPA website next week.

To contact PANPA about photos, presentations, or any other matter, email

PANPA announces Awards finalists!

August 26, 2009

FINALISTS for the 2009 Newspaper of the Year have been released today by the Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers’ Association.


The awards focus on newspapers, websites, photography, marketing and excellence in print and production. The Newspaper of the Year awards gala night will be held at the Sydney Masonic Centre on September 10.

Newspapers from across the Asia-Pacific region entered the awards this year with a stronger presence from South-East and North-East Asia.

A total 35 judges in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia and New Zealand have now made their decision.

PANPA chief executive Mark Hollands said: “Our overseas judges have all commented on the high standard of the entries and the overall quality of newspapers and journalism in this region.

“The quality of entries is generally accepted as the best-ever by our regular judges. The entries underscore the vibrancy and professionalism of the newspaper industry – in print and digital.

“The awards come down to the quality of our people – and there is no doubt they are among the very best and most innovative in the world.”

For more details –
Mark Hollands, chief executive, PANPA: + 61 2 8338 6300

*Finalists have been selected from closeness of scores. ‘Highly commended’ awards are based on judges’ personal
recommendations and will be announced on the night.

Look in the Mirror to make money from websites

August 20, 2009

BRITAIN’S Daily Mirror has further developed its online niche strategy by launching celebrity gossip website, drawing praise from a local executive who sees topic-based sites as the future of online media.

The new website is an extension of the Mirror’s 3am celebrity column. The newspaper recently launched, a standalone entity aimed at the UK’s legion of football fans.

News Ltd’s Simon Holt, whose win in the 2008 PANPA Hegarty Prize allowed him to take a global study tour, believes niche websites such as the Mirror’s pair are crucial for publishers to make money from online content.

His theory is that “verticals” – or specific topics of interest – should be kept separate from each other online in order to build communities.

“The race is clearly on to capture communities of interest,” Mr Holt said.

“There is a clear feeling in the global media that the first website to gain the loyalty of a mass niche market will be most likely to succeed long-term.

“And if we work on the theory that the vertical with the biggest fan base wins, celebrity gossip and football are right up there.”

Mr Holt believes the Daily Mirror could have picked two winners with the celebrity subject matter.

“The celebrity gossip market is in huge demand. It is perhaps a shame that it took someone like Perez Hilton to prove to everybody that there was mileage in a site which focuses on a niche.”

Building the community around the content is only half the battle, according to Mr Holt, of Sydney’s Cumberland community Newspaper Group.

“They might attract millions of users with the latest innovative functionality, but the true litmus test will be to see whether they can effectively monetise the sites. It will be interesting to see how they decide to best engage clients with their user base.”

Mr Holt will present at Newspapers: The Future Forum, PANPA’s key industry event for 2009. Attendance is free for PANPA members.

PANPA announces Technical Excellence dates

July 13, 2009

PANPA has announced the dates that entries into the Technical Excellence category of the annual awards should come from. Members were asked to collect newspapers between June 22 and July 10.

Entrants for the 2009 Technical Excellence Awards must supply three (3) copies of their newspapers from two of the dates specified below (that means sending six (6) newspapers in total).

For Dailies, choose from:
Friday, June 26
Tuesday, June 30
Saturday, July 4
Wednesday, July 8

For Sundays, please submit:
Sunday, June 28
Sunday, July 5

For Non-Dailies, choose two dates (and send three newspapers from each) from between:
June 27 to July 10

Note: These dates apply to the Technical Excellence categories for Single-Width and Double-Width press newspapers. The Pre-Print/Supplement sub-category has separate rules – check the website.

If you have any problems complying to the supplied dates, contact PANPA to discuss.

Technical Excellence newspapers must arrive at PANPA by Friday, July 24. Send to:

PANPA Awards
Suite 62, The Hub
89-97 Jones St

See the Technical Excellence awards page for details.

Top editors meet for industry brainstorm

June 23, 2009

AUSTRALIA and New Zealand’s top editors have congregrated in Sydney this morning for the inaugural PANPA Editors’ Forum, hosted by KPMG.

Eleven newsroom leaders representing major News Ltd, Fairfax Media and APN News and Media mastheads and websites and the region’s biggest news agency have come together to discuss the future of newspapers, and hear from top KPMG minds about leadership in the current economic climate.

Mark Scott of the ABC also updated the editors about his company’s change journey and lessons for newspapers.

PANPA CEO Mark Hollands addresses the region's leading editors

PANPA CEO Mark Hollands addresses the region's leading editors

KPMG’s Rob Hogarth spoke about the GFC’s effects on climate change and sustainability, senior partner James Hunter gave editors a framework for cost analysis in newspapers, and James Allt-Graham presented on the topic: “Releasing people with dignity”.

Editors present:

Liz Deegan, Sunday Mail, Brisbane
Simon Dulhunty, Sun-Herald, Sydney
Louise Evans, The Australian
Peter Fray, Sydney Morning Herald
Phil Gardner, Herald & Weekly Times, Melbourne
Tony Gillies, Australian Associated Press
David Higgins,
Garry Linnell, Daily Telegraph, Sydney
Hugh Martin, APN Online
Rod Quinn, Canberra Times
Nick Wrench, Dominion Post, Wellington

PANPA to hold Future Forum

June 19, 2009

THE chief executive of World Association of Newspapers, Timothy Balding, will be a keynote speaker at a special one-day event to chart the future of newspapers to be held by PANPA in Sydney on September 10.

Mr Balding will highlight global trends for newspapers and describe how some publishers are successfully handling the global financial crisis and the structural challenges of digital media.

He will be joined by a line-up of local and international speakers for “Newspapers: The Future Forum – Leadership & Transformation”, which will present ideas and case studies on how our industry will stay relevant to society and continue to deliver profits.

The head of The Newspaper Works, Tony Hale, will provide local case studies on how newspapers continue to perform strongly against competitive media, providing data and qualitative assessments that will strengthen the market position of individual newspapers and the industry as a whole.

The one-day event is a temporary replacement to the annual PANPA two-day conference, and entry will be free of charge to employees of PANPA members. However, preregistration will be required.

“We aim to give delegates some powerful takeaways to strengthen their business,” said PANPA chief executive Mark Hollands.

“The aim is to look forward and chart our future – not continually ponder on reasons for our current challenges.

“We are not the only industry facing significant change. Some pundit commentary would make anyone think we are alone in our challenges. Every industry must continually evaluate and adapt. Newspapers are no different.”

Mr Hollands said key themes would be leadership and transformation. The focus would not fall only on print but include digital innovation.

“Leadership must come from across the organisation,” he said. “This is not a reference to senior management. For newspapers to be successful into the future, new ideas and initiatives need to be heard from every part of an organisation.

“Senior managers need to create a culture in which these ideas can be created and taken forward.

“Transformation is not about moving from print to digital; it is about changing entrenched attitudes and behaviours to increase the empowerment of staff to adapt and drive meaningful change. Modern-day management is not about the CEO telling everyone what to do – it is about creating and sustaining flexibility and adaptability to meet market needs.”

The Future Forum will be held at Sydney’s Masonic Centre on September 10. It is being sponsored by the premium industry newsprint supplier, Norske Skog. The Forum will be followed by the Newspaper of the Year dinner.

“Many of the region’s leading newspapers are already in the middle of preparation for their entry. We think this is going to be the most competitive Newspaper of the Year ever,” Mr Hollands said. “There is massive value in winning an award in terms of demonstrating professional excellence to the market.

“In such competitive and economically challenged times, it is more important than ever to be able to independently demonstrate the quality of your newspaper.”

PANPA launches 2009 awards

May 17, 2009

THE PRESTIGIOUS Newspaper of the Year Awards for the Asia-Pacific region have opened with revitalised categories and refreshed criteria to reflect today’s industry.

More than 40 awards are on offer for newspapers of every size. They include:

Newspaper of the Year – Sponsored by Norske Skog
Nine print awards – Sponsored by DIC
Photograph of the Year – Sponsored by Canon
• An amazing 32 marketing awards
Environment, Health  and Safety – Sponsored by the Publishers’ National Environment Bureau
Innovation – Sponsored by Atex ; and
• The Hegarty Award for a young newspaper executive.

PLUS: News Site of the Year & Sunday Newspaper of the Year

Entries close on Friday July 17, at 5pm AEST.

Industry executives have slimmed down the demands for the Newspaper of the Year criteria to focus on future strategy, journalism and cross-company collaboration to deliver readers and advertisers the very best newspaper.

News Site of the Year replaces Online Newspaper of the Year, reflecting the market demand for breaking news on the web. In the National and Metropolitan categories, 50 percent of criteria is dedicated to news-breaking skills, commitment and achievement.

A new award has been created for speciality sites – giving news organisations the opportunity to showcase and win accolades for news-driven microsites, and larger endeavours such as sites dedicated to specific sports, or on-going news events, like the global financial crisis, or a more local issue.

“The challenge of business transformation make these awards the most fascinating for years,” said Mark Hollands, chief executive of PANPA.

“The leading executives who reviewed this year’s criteria are strongly of the view that newspapers must not only demonstrate past triumphs but also their capacity to adapt and thrive in the new realities of our industry.”

Among the overseas judges for this year’s awards is the Wall St Journal’s new Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Gerry Baker.

Entry has been simplified with the use of digital technology. It is no longer compulsory to provide hard-copy posters of entries for Newspaper of the Year and Marketing.

Instead, PANPA is encouraging web-based entries using four methods – Online Entry through our partner Workstream Solutions, or templates built in PDF, Abode InDesign or QuarkXpress. Those who want to enter in hard copy may do so.

PANPA will create a Digital Showcase, following the success of the showcase for the recent Advertising Awards, providing all colleagues and the public with the ability to see the very best of the newspaper publishing industry.

“Winners gain enormous prestige from winning a PANPA award,” said Mr Hollands.

“This year, the need to show advertisers and readers evidence of our commitment to excellence has never been greater. We had nearly 400 entries in 08 – and I expect this year to be even bigger.”

PANPA shows off the industry’s best ads online

May 8, 2009

ONE hundred of the most inspiring newspaper advertising ideas of the last year have been published online by the Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers’ Association (PANPA).

To celebrate the success of the 2009 Ad Awards, PANPA has created a Digital Showcase of entries that is now available at the association’s website.


PANPA chief executive Mark Hollands said: “We believe this is unprecedented. We don’t know of any other awards of this kind in the world that has had almost all of its entries put on show for everyone to see.

“The Digital Showcase allows our members, and the wider industry, to share ideas, be inspired, and celebrate excellence.”

The Showcase – hosted by Realview Technologies – features entries that were submitted through the new online system provided by Workstream Solutions. PANPA accepted further entries by other means that were judged as normal.

Judges’ comments have been included in the Showcase for the featured categories.

“This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of entries and categories – we’ve only included those that fit the format and add to the Showcase’s appeal,” Mr Hollands said.

“We tried a new way of entering this year and the Showcase is just one benefit of the templated, automated system.”

PANPA’s annual Newspaper of the Year awards program is set to launch next week.

Newspaper Ad Awards 09 launch

February 26, 2009

THE most prestigious newspaper advertising awards for the Pacific region have been launched by the Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers’ Association.

PANPA’s Ad Awards 09 recognise excellence in in-house display advertising and campaigns on multiple platforms, supplements and features, and high-achieving individuals.

Entries close on Friday 27 March, with the winners to be announced at a gala dinner in Sydney on April 23.

For the first time, PANPA members will submit their entries online – replacing the previous process of constructing cardboard displays and sending bulky packages to the association’s headquarters.

This has been made possible by a link with Workstream Solutions and their SpeedyAd technology, commonly used for constructing real estate pages.

Visit to see full categories and learn how to enter.