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Pakistan editor wins Golden Pen

December 1, 2009

THE latest from the World Newspaper Association Congress in India:

HYDERBAD: A TRUE hero of the newspaper industry has just been honoured with the Golden Pen for championing of press freedoms.

Najeem Sethi, jailed three times in three decade and now guarded by eight commandos because of death threats from the Taliban, received the Golden Pen this morning.

Until recently, Mr Sethi was the editor-in-chief of the Friday Times and Daily Times in Pakistan.

He’s had to stop that role to protect himself and his family.

He said this morning that he regularly gets letters with the severed heads of so-called Western agents, threatening that this would happen to him if he did not stop his campaign for a secular, liberal society in Pakistan.

He is one of four editors on a Taliban death list. The other three have fled the country. Mr Sethi won’t be bowed.

He said he hoped the award would encourage peace in south Asia, and that the media of India and Pakistan would stop their nationalistic stances and encourage governments of both countries to work together.

Hello from world newspaper congress

December 1, 2009

THIS week, Mark Hollands will be filing stories from the World Association of Newspapers Congress, being held in Hyderabad. Right now, he is sitting in the main hall, awaiting the arrival of the Indian President.

There are a lot of interesting speakers through the week; and coverage will come from Mark as well as Larry Kilman, of WAN-Ifra.

If all goes to plan, the regular weekly ezine will focus on the congress, too.

If you have any questions or comments, please post them to the site or email Mark directly at

Whoa, the lights are going down… the show’s about to start!