Now bloggers want a newspaper

BLOGGERS have launched their own newspaper, using only blog entries as its copy.

The publication has no editor and story selection is done by a vote of participants who gather online to
discuss content.

Theblogpaper is a free-sheet that hit London’s streets last Friday. It is only a small concern right now. It was distributed at four underground stations in central London.

It is the brainchild of a community of blogging enthusiasts who contribute to theblogpaper website.

Founding publishers Anton Waldburg and Karl Jo Seilern say they are not paid for their work and they intend for the newspaper to be funded by advertising. “We aim to combine two different yet equally important types of media,” they say on their site.

“The concept is that many people are in control . . . instead of a few people controlling the majority of what is being published and therefore read.”
The move comes after a group in America started a news site that edits Twitter missives into news stories.

Free newspapers have been a hot issue in London in the last three months. Two have shut – thelondonpaper and London Lite – and the Evening Standard has dropped its copy price to go free.


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