DS Chemport boss retires

DS Chemport chief executive Graham McKenzie has retired after almost 10 years, handing the reigns to Peter Drozdowicz, the former chief financial officer.

Peter Drozdowicz is one of the three original founding members of the company, which began in 1987.

The other two were Peter Bitto and Michael Hanlon.

Under Mr McKenzie, DS Chemport has achieved growth in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia through its Malaysian operation.

He said the company was well positioned for the “challenges ahead, possessing an excellent team of people, first class facilities and the technical and financial support of our Japanese mother company”.

“A closer and more intensive partnership with Fujifilm will be necessary and I am confident Peter Drozdowicz will guide DS Chemport on this path of co-operation,” he said.

Mr McKenzie has spent almost a lifetime within the printing industry,working in Canada and Asia Pacific. He is currently on the Board of Detmold Flexible Packaging as well as undertaking various projects for Fujifilm Australia. DS Chemport is the formulator and manufacturer of chemicals, printing blankets and post-press products.


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