New business mag hits streets

ON the day Australian interest rates went up, Adelaide’s daily newspaper launched a new business magazine.

A 40-page, full-colour magazine called SA Business Monthly (SA refers to the state of South Australia) will be published on the first Tuesday of every month.

The launch represents another significant product improvement by the daily newspaper, The Advertiser, under editor Mel Mansell and general manager Michael Miller.

The magazine has been launched with the support of the Department of Trade, Land Management Corporation and the commercial property sector, according to statement released by The Advertiser.
‘‘This significant development is an important addition to business coverage in The Advertiser and indicates how strong the business community is in this state,’’ said Mr Mansell.

Recent figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that South Australia is leading the nation in an economic recovery following a contraction for the September to December quarter last year. Mr Mansell said this was due to the state’s prospering mining sector and increasing economic diversity.

Continued growth looked likely in other key local sectors, including defence, real estate and agriculture thanks to recent rains.

The Advertiser had invested in its business coverage to ensure readers were well informed and in a position to seize opportunities, he said.

SA Business Monthly would explore the key issues for the South Australian economy, the thoughts and plans of the state’s top business leaders with the journalistic aim of generating debate and breaking the news that matters most to the business community.

Earlier this year, The Advertiser launched new TV and entertainment publications and became the first newspaper in the region to publish separate front pages for their retail and home delivery customers.


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