Australia’s newspapers left of centre

AUSTRALIAN newspapers lean to the political left overall, according to a new study.

The Age reported that economists Joshua Gans and Andrew Leigh made the finding in a new research paper, How Partisan is the Press?.

The study of Australian media from 1999 to 2007 found overall the media slanted slightly to the right, with television and talk-back radio most likely to be right-leaning. ABC television news was significantly slanted in favour of the Coalition.

The study also used front-page political articles from 10 daily newspapers during the 2004 federal election to analyse the papers’ political leanings. The only newspaper that scored left of centre was The Age.

The Age’s editor-in-chief, Paul Ramadge, welcomed the analysis but noted its narrow focus around the 2004 election, telling The Age: “In terms of The Age and its reportage of federal political affairs, we report without favour,” he said. “Any reasonable assessment would recognise the weight and impact of The Age’s reporting of federal politics in the past 12 months.”


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