National money section to launch

NEWS Limited tonight announced the launch of a new national section titled Your Money, which will appear in metropolitan newspapers each Monday and online at and masthead websites.

It is aimed at families are looking for clear, simple and timely financial advice from trusted sources.

News promises the section will “cut out the jargon to inform, educate, entertain and inspire readers, helping them to better manage their personal finances”.

The section will be edited by Anthony Keane, a former financial planner. He was editor of The Adelaide Advertiser’s weekly personal finance liftout from 2006, and a business editor of the newspaper. He joined The Advertiser in 1996.

Columunists will include Sunrise presenter and finance expert David Koch and his wife Libby. They will focus on financial planning.

Your Money is a cross-platform brand and will run in the Daily Telegraph, the Herald Sun, Courier Mail and The Advertiser and online at masthead websites and

Each week, content in print will be further developed online with video, expert blogs and financial tools and up-to-the-minute personal finance news and views.

Alan Oakley, Editor, National Features for News Ltd, said there was no better time to be launching such a section.

“We will be talking to the millions of Australians who want independent advice on how to plan their financial future. We will address complex issues of money management in a simple style and format not currently seen in any other media. We believe people will come to regard Your Money as their financial friend,” said Mr Oakley.


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