News gets motional about newspapers

NEWS Limited’s paper are today featuring the promotion of  Papermotion, which is billed to revolutionise traditional print media by “transforming one-dimensional print content and bringing it alive in 3D with animation”. 

“Papermotion will give our readers a totally new way to interact with newspapers. It will provide an unrivalled sense of movement to print media,” said Joe Talcott, group marketing director, News Limited.

 Dreamscape, an Australian operation, has commercialised the technology developed by French company Total Immersion.

“This incredible technology will allow advertising content on the page to come alive as moving pictures and sound – it will change the way advertisers think about newspapers,” said Mr Talcott.

Papermotion uses Total Immersion’s special animation technology to trigger interactive content.

The content is activated when readers visit a specific website and present the image via a webcam. The technology then triggers animated content including rich media such as video clips, music, mini-sites, games and 3D animation.

The first News Ltd Papermotion campaign will be launched on Sunday, 17th May with 20th Century Fox for their new film Night At The Museum 2, which is released in cinemas on 21st May.

The technology for the consumer campaign was built by Total Immersion and Fox Digital in Los Angeles.

 A national teaser campaign will be launched to showcase Papermotion to readers on Tuesday, 12th May. Outdoor mobile kiosks provided by outdoor media company Ooh Media and webcam provider Logitech will be located in key city locations for readers to experience this new technology.


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