Journal changes pace to match readers

A LEADNG American newspaper has revamped its weekday edition to offer shorter articles, responding to its own research that shows readers are time-pour.

The new-look Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which hit the streets this week, is complemented by its Sunday edition, which now focuses on in-depth articles and features.

“While we believe that a print newspaper will continue to play a role in our readers’ lives, we also know that role will continue to change,” Julia Wallace, editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, said in a statement.

“The way people get information is changing fast, and we will need to continue to adapt. We plan on a continuous discussion between us and our readers.”

The Journal, owned by Cox Newspapers, conducted online and face-to-face surveys with readers before taking on the task of a major redesign.

The market place has certainly been telling its editors that things had to change.

Over the past six months, the Journal has lost nearly 20 percent of its weekday readership.  The Sunday paper is down by 7 points, which is still substantial – indeed, it would be dramatic if it were in the Australian and New Zealand markets.


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