America’s top-seller gets new boss

AMERICA’S top-selling newspaper, USA Today, has appointed David Hunke as its president and publisher.

He is currently chief executive of the Detroit Media Partnership and publisher of the Detroit Free Press, which recently reduced its daily editions to three times a week, and is now actively encouraging its readers seek news from its online site.

Owner of USA Today, Gannett, also announced John Hillkirk as its editor.

Earlier this week, America’s Audit Bureau of Circulation confirmed USA Today as America’s top-selling daily newspaper with more than 2 million copies a day.

Its circulation dipped sharply in the last six months, however. The company said this was due to a price increase last December and a downturn in business travel. USA Today is a fixture outside of hotel rooms across America each morning.

Gannet’s president, chairman and CEO, all one person in Craig Dubow, was re-elected at its shareholders meeting earlier this week.

Gannett is America’s second-largest publisher and is currently facing severe financial pressures due to its level of debt and falls in advertising of its newspapers.


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