Circulation falls of 7pc spell more trouble

DAILY newspaper circulations fell an average 7.1 per cent across the United States, according to figures released overnight.

The fall for the period from October 08 to March 09 was calculated against 395 newspapers across America.

USA Today has the widest circulation – mainly due to its presence outside all most every room of every five-star hotel and in airlines. However, it suffered its worst drop in its hitsory, falling 7.5 percent to just over 2.11 million copies.

Owner Gannett said the USA Today fall was tightly linked to the reduction in business travel and hotel room nights because of the economic downturn.

The publisher put up the price of USA Today last December, and this also had had a negative affect at the newsstand, Gannett said in a statement.

The Wall St Journal defied the trend. The second best-selling newspaper in America was the only title in the top 25 newspapers to grow its circulation.

It increased less than 1 percent to 2.082 million.

The New York Times fell 3.6 percent to sell 1.039,031million, while the struggling Los Angeles Times dropped 6.6 percent to sell 733,181 copies daily. These newspapers continue to be the top-sellers on Sunday, although each one shed sales.

Overal Sunday circulations dropped 5.4 percent, based on data from 544 newspapers.

Of the top 25 daily newspapers, the New York Post fell the hardest, jettisoning 20 percent of its sales, according to figures from America’s Audit Bureau of Circulation.


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