News Digital aims to make good impression

A NEW format in which an online advertisement appears the moment you enter a News Ltd web environment – regardless of the page – has been launched by News Digital Media.

The product, called First Impression, is designed to detect when a user enters a website and then deliver a specific advertisement.

It is designed to be the first ad a user sees.

Chief commercial officer Ed Smith said: “Homepage ad placements are often highly sought after, however, homepages aren’t the only way users enter our sites.

“First Impression enables an advertiser’s campaign to be the first one seen by a user, regardless of which page they visit.

“Our offering now encompasses products that extend reach of advertiser TVC’s, through our video product; specifically target in-depth audience segments, through our audience targeting initiative; maximise relevancy of ad messages users see as they are browsing content with contextual targeting and now, through First Impression, extending reach for an advertiser’s campaign.”

Advertisers could combine First Impression with a rich media execution such as side skins or a catalogue ad unit to further increase a campaign’s effectiveness, he said.

First Impression will not run in a sponsored page or section.


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