Fairfax prints in Brisbane and Perth – for a day

FAIRFAX Media is running a special one-off promotion for its Queensland and Western Australian readers yesterday – a 24-page tabloid newspaper under the brisbanetimes.com.auand WAtoday.com.aumasthead brands.

For one day only, the latest local news from brisbanetimes.com.au and WAtoday.com.au each ran 15,000 special edition newspapers that will be distributed at key points throughout the Brisbane and Perth central business districts.

Promotional actors will encourage commuters and passers-by to ‘read all about it’.

Each 24-page tabloid will showcase breaking news, lifestyle, technology and sports stories from the editorial teams of Fairfax Digital’s two dedicated online news sites, and co-ordinated by the Sydney Morning Herald’s Managing Editor for Strategic Publishing and Business Development.

Each paper includes a special report, sponsored by ING Direct, to coincide with National Savings Week, starting on Monday 4 May.

ING Direct worked closely with Fairfax Media on the newspaper concept, and is also sponsoring 15,000 cover-wraps of The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age using the same distribution method in Sydney and Melbourne. The campaign is supported by an online component across Fairfax Digital’s masthead sites.

The promotion is an example of Fairfax Media’s unique advertising innovations across its print and online distribution platforms.


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