Cautionary tale: Tabloid apologises over photos

EARNING editorial coverage from around the world, the editor of The Sunday Telegraph has apologised to Australian politician Pauline Hanson for publishing photos of a nude women and claiming them to be of her.

Ms Hanson has threatened legal action.

Yesterday, editor Neil Breen apologised in his own newspaper, publishing the headline “Hanson pics were one giant con”.

Its rival publication, the Sydney Morning Herald, publishes a large p5 photo-story today, showing how the editions of The Sunday Telegraph changed as it became increasingly clear a mistake had been made.

Its first headline stated: “Photo gurus: Majority rule it’s not Pauline.” By the end of the print run, the “giant con” headline was preferred.

Mr Breen is quoted in sister News Ltd newspapers today as saying: “We’ve proven it to ourselves. So, Pauline, I’m sorry.”

The story has gained global coverage, including an article on the BBC website.


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