Editor Bob Gordon ends 50-year career

THE 50-year journalism career of Bob Gordon, editor-in-chief of the Gold Coast Bulletin, is about to come to an end. Mr Gordon, who has been an editor of various News Ltd papers for 21 years, announced he would retire on July 3.

Tributes to Mr Gordon’s professionalism and leadership have been pouring in.

The News Ltd chairman John Hartigan said Mr Gordon was relentless in “chasing down stories and that sense of news stayed with him as editor”.

Perhaps Mr Gordon’s greatest career triumph was taking the Sunday Mail in Brisbane from a broadsheet with a circulation of less than 300,000 to a feisty tabloid that sold more than 600,000 copies. He led that newspaper for nine years.

“It has been a wonderful 50 years,” said Mr Gordon, who began his career as a cadet reporter at Channel 9. “It’s time to repay my family for all those years. I will miss the adrenelin of the newsroom.”

Mr Gordon said he would continue to work closely with the Editor of the Gold Coast Bulletin, Dean Gould, before his final departure.


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