Wolpe elects to leave Fairfax for US

ANOTHER senior Fairfax Media executive is leaving the company, with director of corporate affairs Bruce Wolpe accepting an opportunity to work for the incoming Democratic government in his native United States.

Mr Wolpe’s exit continues a changing of the guard at Fairfax in the last six months, who have a new chief executive in Brian McCarthy and new editors at their Melbourne and Sydney metropolitan dailies.

“Following the US election in November, I had discussions with people in Washington, and I have accepted a senior position on the staff of Representative Henry Waxman, Democrat of California, who chairs the committee responsible for enacting significant parts of president (elect) Obama’s legislative program,” Mr Wolpe said in an internal statement.

Mr Wolpe, who occasionally wrote opinion pieces in Fairfax’s papers and regularly appeared on Australian television and radio as a US politics expert, will provide strategic communications for Mr Waxman.

“Barack Obama’s election is, for me, the political calling of our time, and I want to be a part of it,” Mr Wolpe said. He will return to Australia, which he regards as “home”, after his US mission, he said. Mr Wolpe has been with Fairfax since 1998.

Mr McCarthy said in a statement: “While this news comes as a surprise, this is undoubtedly a wonderful opportunity for Bruce to pursue some important business on behalf of a cause he feels deeply about. He leaves with our friendship, support and best wishes for his future endeavours.”


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