SPH Brews UltraFresh approach to bundling

FIZZ, Brew and UltraFresh might sound like items from the energy drink section of the supermarket, but in fact they are Singapore Press Holdings’ new targeted advertising packages.

The publisher is selling bundles of cross-media ad space under the three quirky monikers to help advertisers home in on their desired audience.

Fizz features print ads in The New Paper and online ads on citizen-journalism portal Stomp, as well as location-based SMS messages in youth zones, allowing advertisers to target Singapore’s youth.

Brew is centred on the company’s Straits Times properties, in print and online, as well as the AsiaOne online portal and SPH’s outdoor advertising SPH MediaBoxOffice asset. It is aimed at professionals, managers, executives and business people.

Clients seeking the working-class market can opt for UltraFresh, which also incorporates the SPHMBO digital-screen network, as well as space in the Chinese newspapers Shin Min Daily News and Lianhe Wanbao and airtime on Radio 100.3FM.

SPH’s senior executive vice-president for marketing, Mr Leslie Fong, told My Paper: “SPH is always on the lookout for ways to serve our advertisers better.

“With this latest offering, they will be able to zero in on the exact target groups they wish to reach, do it across different media and enjoy cost efficiencies.”

The publisher will offer discounts for the next three months to boost take-up and assist advertisers in the current financial climate, My Paper reported.



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