Internet study finds good news for papers

A GLOBAL internet project has confirmed that Australians and New Zealanders see newspapers as a “very important” source of information.

The World Internet Project (WIP) recently released findings that said 77 percent of Australians valued newspapers as “very important”, while four out of five New Zealanders felt the same. Even in internet-dominated America, the WIP discovered 80 percent of Americans believed their newspapers were valuable sources of information.

The project studied internet use and perceptions that could be studied by digital publishers to understand demographic uptake and behaviours.

The survey was conducted in 13 countries with the Melbourne-based Swinburne University contributing to Australia’s results.

It found four countries reported double-digit percentages of users who buy online at least weekly: the United Kingdom (18%), the United States (14%), and Australia and the Czech Republic (12%).

In eight of the responding countries, 25 percent or more of users go online for online banking services at least weekly, and at least 35 percent in eight countries go online for these services at least monthly. The highest percentages of use at least weekly were reported in New Zealand (56%), Australia (55%), Canada (48%), and the United States (43%).



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