News boxes clever with agencies

NEWS Ltd is seeking to attract advertisers with the launch of ‘Think Outside the Rectangle’, a showcase of innovative newspaper advertising shapes and positions.

The showcase is a 60-page book with examples of unique ad shapes and eye-catching campaigns that have featured in News Ltd publications, packaged in a high-quality, canvas A3 box.


“Not wishing to over-sell it, we believe Think Outside the Rectangle is the most comprehensive book on creative use of newspaper space ever produced by any newspaper publisher anywhere in the world,” said Adam Joseph, HWT marketing insights manager and the project manager.

The book is aimed at advertising agency creative directors, challenging them to be more innovative and effective with their use of the newspaper medium.

A total of 1,000 of the books will be created and distributed by hand to creative agencies, media agency planners and strategists plus in-house marketers.

The book’s ten chapters deal with unusual ad shapes – including podiums, tram-tracks, spinal taps and those with elements that encroach into traditional editorial space – as well as wraps, interactive solutions such as fold-outs, coloured and scented newsprint, ‘domination’ campaign strategies, and whole custom publications that can be inserted into newspapers.

Each possibility is demonstrated in the book by visuals of the strategy in action in a News Ltd publication, with the mX commuter freebie featuring prominently.


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