Cricket coverage update: who’s in, who’s out

THE New Zealand Press Association (NZPA) has refused to comply with Cricket Australia’s (CA) “unacceptable” accreditation terms, following the lead set by international news agencies Associated Press, Agence France Press and Reuters.

NZPA journalists will not be allowed to report on the Test match between Australia and New Zealand, which started today in Brisbane.

Areas of conflict between media and the sports body include:

  • Rules on how newspaper websites can be updated
  • Veto power for Cricket Australia over which websites and non-sports magazines the agencies are allowed to syndicate content to
  • Restrictions affecting the distribution of content to mobile news services

Fairfax Media NZ and APN NZ, the two biggest newspaper publishers in the country, reluctantly agreed to the terms at the last minute for the sake of their readers.

Australian companies AAP, News Ltd and Fairfax Media have signed up to meet CA’s demands, which limit the distribution of editorial content, The Australian reported.

Getty Images will meet their commercial obligations by capturing pictures of play, but will not circulate images for editorial purposes.

NZPA editor Nick Brown told Fairfax’s the agency would be breaking its contractual obligations to some of its clients if operated under CA’s terms.

“Cricket Australia is also wanting to negotiate with NZPA and other New Zealand media paying a licence fee to supply commercial websites. This is also unacceptable to NZPA,” Mr Brown said.

“We’ve signed under duress,” Fairfax Media NZ managing editor for sport, Trevor McKewen, said.

“We are not happy with how restrictive the terms and conditions are, nor the manner in which CA has conducted itself around its negotiations. We will cover the test because our readers come first.

“But CA is doing itself and cricket fans a gross disservice with its attitude.  It is effectively trying to commercialise editorial news content so it can earn money off it in the same way it does with broadcasting rights.”


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