Veteran publisher leaves industry

A 29-year career with News Ltd is about to end with the announcement that publisher Liz McGrice will retire.

Ms McGrice’s career highlights have include the launching of The Adelaide* magazine and the Adelaide* Annual, plus a successful series of books and magazines focused on South Australia, including WalksSA, FishSA and the soon to be released BikeSA.

She leaves the industry next February as Enterprises Publisher for the Adelaide-based Advertiser Newspapers.

The company’s advertising manager, Malcolm Balcerek, will take up Ms McGrice’s role early in 2009 and Luke Sullivan will replace Mr Balcerek as Advertiser Newspapers’ Advertising Manager.

“We’d like to pay tribute to Liz for her passion and drive in building a strong foundation for our book and magazine division,” said Michael Miller, Managing Director of Advertiser Newspapers. “I congratulate Malcolm and Luke on their career advancement, which demonstrates our commitment to developing and rewarding talented individuals.”

Liz McGrice

Liz McGrice

Malcolm Balcerek

Malcolm Balcerek

Luke Sullivan

Luke Sullivan


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