Top editor quits for multimedia venture

THE Editor of Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, David Penberthy, has quit to launch a News Ltd venture that combines print, online and pay TV content.


After nearly four years at the helm of the Tele – one of Australia’s most dynamic and campaigning-style newspapers – Penberthy described his new project as “really, really exciting”. He told the Macquarie Network the biggest change in the industry since he began as editor was the “rise and rise of the internet”.


News Ltd Chairman and CEO John Hartigan was carefully not to provide details of the new venture, saying only tha it would be “unlike anything that News Ltd has done and unlike anything else in Australia”.


Mr Penberthy’s successor will be the highly-rated journalist Garry Linnell, who is a former editor of The Bulletin, deputy editor of The Sunday Age and Director of News at Channel 9.


The move comes 24 hours after new circulation figures showed  The Daily Telegraph and its Saturday edition fell by 2.1% and 3.4% but remains the top-selling newspaper in New South Wales.


Mr Penberthy, 39, said he wanted a new challenge and was not ready to go into corporate management. “A lot of ex-editors sit up there with the bean-counters but that’s just not me,” he told the Macquarie Network.


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