Advertiser eases readers’ money problems

A CAMPAIGN to save readers money in tough economic times is continuing at Advertiser Newspapers in Adelaide. Its Sunday Mail newspaper has just finished a competition to give one reader $A40,000 as relief on their mortgage repayments, or as a deposit for a new home.

The contest is part of an ongoing set of initiatives run by Marketing Director Dan Demaria to help readers who are “feeling financially burdened”.

Advertiser Newspapers partnered with HomeStart in a two-week campaign, tapping a strong community fear about the ongoing financial crisis. Adelaide’s home prices are now under pressure, having enjoyed double digit growth in the last few years, including a 17% jump in the last 12 months.

The Sunday Mail, which claims Australia’s highest reaching newspaper per capita at 56% of audience, carried an entry form with coupons in the Monday-to-Friday Advertiser for readers to collect.

Even with recent cuts to (Australian) interest rates, many South Australian families are still feeling financially burdened,” said Mr Demaria.

Advertiser Newspapers and HomeStart want to significantly ease this burden for a lucky reader, or to help assist someone trying to get a start in a housing market that has seen a 17% growth in median housing prices in the last 12 months.” said Mr Demaria.

The promotion, he said, demonstrated Advertiser Newspapers’ commitment to helping South Australians. Other promotions run by the newspaper company have included SuperSavers and a $70,000 cash giveaway, which used printing towers normally deployed by the food and beverage industry to give each copy a unique number in a lottery-style competition.


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