Fairfax snaps up Katherine Times

After 25 years of publishing the Katherine Times, Vince and Jill Fardone have sold their newspaper to Fairfax Media.

A Fairfax statement said it will be business as usual for the Katherine Times under the new ownership structure with existing staff remaining in the business and some new Katherine-based employees being required.

The development has seen greater responsibilities for current employees Duana Job and Tegan Forder. Ms Job has been appointed as manager while Ms Forder, formerly working as a journalist with the Katherine Times has taken on the role of editor.

Fairfax Media Chief Executive Agricultural Publishing, Grant Cochrane said the company was excited about the prospect of owning such a strong local newspaper servicing readers and advertisers located in a vibrant region of the Northern Territory.

“We are very keen to build on the good work of Vince and Jill Fardone and their team at the Katherine Times by continuing to focus on providing quality editorial representing the interests of readers in the region offering a valuable conduit for advertisers to reach this important market within the Northern Territory,” Mr Cochrane said.

Although somewhat saddened by the change, Vince and Jill Fardone have decided to take it easier and, after a 25 year milestone, it was decided it was time to move on and hand over the reigns to someone else.

“It has been and absolute privilege and honour to have provided a service to readers and advertisers in Katherine and the wider community over a quarter of a century,” Mr Fardone said.

“It is hard to give up something after 25 years but we feel proud and secure to hand over to a media matriach such as Fairfax and we are also proud to have left the day to day running of the paper to our capable employees.

“We wish the Times success for the next 25 years and, like all of its readers, we will be looking forward to picking up a copy to read every Wednesday morning.

“We wish Fairfax Media and our now ex staff and the success for the future.”


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