The Age’s Green Guide gets greener and sleeker

The new Green Guide launches this Thursday

The Age’s legendary Green Guide will take on a modern, contemporary look this week.

The green newsprint is gone and a new, sleek design will replace it when it is published this coming Thursday.

The guide has not lost its green completely. The big deal here is that instead of printing on green paper, The Age is using a white stock and then printing it green. What’s the difference? Advertisers do not have to have their ads in green and can now have them reproduced on white stock. Also, the reproduction of photos has improved dramatically because of the new 48gsm Norske Skog newsprint for the cover and 42gsm inside.

The Age management point out this is a more environmentally friendly production, too. In their words, the “new Green Guider is truly greener”. The accompanying Livewire section is on white stock, too, making it easier to find among all that green.

The revamp is not just about paper stock and design. The TV guide now starts on a Thursday (its day of publication) rather than a Friday. Some things are staying the same. Popular editorial columns by Garry Barker, the popular Macman, plus Charles Wright (Bleeding Edge) and Jason Hill’s games round-ups and reviews are all retained.


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One Response to “The Age’s Green Guide gets greener and sleeker”

  1. Eli Says:

    The new look Green Guide arrived today and it looks great. Very easy to navigate and has a nice, modern design.

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