TV, Radio and Mags round-up: It’s a battle out there

TV, mainstream radio and magazines are battling against declining ad revenue and tightening their belts as market conditions continue to hammer commercial media.

Australia’s Ten Network, which releases its annual report this week, is expected to announce earnings are down around 10 percent due to failed new programs and a general ratings drop.

Meanwhile, a round of staff cuts has been executed in ACP Magazines by PBL Media chief executive Ian Law. Mr Law would not say if there would be further cuts, but said the redundancies in publicity and events at ACP were “simply part of an ongoing process to adjust the cost base of the business to the prevailing market, and to pursue best practice”.

There was good news for community radio. McNair Ingenuity research found that more people were listening to community radio despite an overall drop in radio performance. Deb Welch, President of the Community Broadcoasting Association of Australia said: “The survey results and listener comments suggest that as the mass media market fragments and as listeners become more aware of the possibilities of what is out there, some are rejecting what they see as narrow music formats and heavily networked programs on commercial radio.”


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